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Flyers & Morgan Frost Agree On Two Year Contract

Restricted free agent Morgan Frost and the Philadelphia Flyers agreed to a two year, $4.2 million ($2.1M AAV) contract on Wednesday. Frost was the lone remaining RFA for the Flyers.



Frost, who was on a one year $800K contract last season, is due a raise after a good 2022-23 season.

After just 3-goals and 3-assists in the first 27-games, Frost finished the season on a tear. Finishing with 16-goals and 24-assists over the last 54-games.

Over the last 54-games, Frost’s 24-assists and 40-points both led the Flyers during that span.

For the 2022-23 season, Frost finished with 46-points — 19-goals and 27-assists. All three of which were new career highs.



Even with a good – some would say breakout – season for Frost in 2022-23, a new contract is not as easy as it sounds. Especially for a player coming out of 10.2 (c) category.

Before signing his one year deal last season, Frost was a 10.2 (c) free agent. A 10.2 (c) free agent is a player who does not meet the UFA  or Group 2 RFA requirements. Which, for Frost, was the latter.

Due to his lack of service time in the NHL, Frost lost his RFA rights after the 2021-22 season. Leading to Frost and the Flyers agreeing to a one year, make it or break it contract for last season.

After playing in 81-games last season and breaking out over the latter part, Frost regained his RFA rights.



Even with Frost regaining his RFA rights back, a new deal is still hard to negotiate. Some would say even harder than last offseason.

Last season’s negotiation was simply agreeing to a number that both the player and team liked to see if Frost had a future in Philadelphia. Now, there are multiple factors to be discussed.

Frost’s new deal will more than likely have term and a much higher salary than the $800K he earned last season. Which, both will vary depending on how much term vs how much salary is being discussed.

This is where the sides remained far apart at. But, on Wednesday, talks intensified with a new contract being agreed too after a long day of back and forth.



According to a sources, the Flyers and Frost had a hard time narrowing in on AAV.  Which, is hard to estimate for a player who has only one full NHL season under his belt at the age of 24.

Many believed Frost was looking for a raise that would be close to 3.5-4x his salary from last season. Which, would put his AAV close to $3M. But, the Flyers never offered anything close to $3M per year on a short term deal to Frost.

Talks became more frequent over the past week with training camp just two weeks away and intensified today. The two sides focused more on a short term deal. Agreeing to a two year deal tonight.




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