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Is John Tortorella Turning The Heat Toward Chuck Fletcher?

Is Philadelphia Flyers head coach John Tortorella quietly calling out GM Chuck Fletcher?



On the DFO Rundown yesterday, Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli’s was talking about the Flyers. Seravalli went into detail on what he believes is going on in Philadelphia.

The one thing that really stood out was Seravalli’s analysis & reading between the lines of head coach John Tortorella’s recent comments.

Seravalli mentioned the wording has changed dramatically since GM Chuck Fletcher threw out the word “aggressive re-tool” during the summer. Mentioning that the focus has shifted to the Flyers have a younger lineup.

But, Seravalli made a great point about how John Tortorella has been talking about his team recently.





In this short clip, Seravalli wonders if John Tortorella is pointing the finger at GM Chuck Fletcher for the Flyers struggles. Mentioning all the recent postgame wordage that Tortorella has been using.

As Seravalli mentions, John Tortorella has not been willing to bash his team to the media because he knows they are trying their best. Especially with a roster made up of rookies, 2nd year NHLers, & fringe NHL veterans.

One of John Tortorella’s consistent messages has been it’s hard to judge the team due to all the injuries. Adding that the Flyers just don’t have the talent right now.

So far this season, the Flyers have lost 129-total-man-games due to injuries.



On Monday, John Tortorella made an even clearer statement to this possible finger pointing.

When discussing the possible return of Cam Atkinson, Tortorella gave his thoughts on the impact of Atkinson returning to the lineup.

“Get some new blood in lineup,” Tortorella said. “A quality NHLer; it will be a big boost for us.”

If you go back further and read between the lines of other John Tortorella’s comments, this so-called finger pointing becomes even clearer.



Even with the Flyers winning games to start the season, John Tortorella’s messaging was the same. Not so much singling out a player or two. But, keeping too we don’t know what we have yet.

“We want to win. But I also have to look further down the road in developing people,” Tortorella said after their opening night win. “Iā€™m going to give them an opportunity, I have to.”

Tortorella added “have to find out about players in certain situations, so hopefully they grow.”

While the messaging has clearly changed from “aggressive re-tool” due to injuries and not a NHL roster, is Tortorella quietly turning the heat to Chuck Flecther?

As Frank Seravalli put it, if you read between the lines, it sure sounds like Tortorella is trying to stick it up the arse of GM Chuck Fletcher.


PHOTO CREDIT: Gene J. Puskar – Associated Press


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