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Mike Milbury OUT at NBCSN

One of the most basis analysts on NBCSN will not be back. NBCSN Mike Milbury was informed that he would not be back covering the NHL for NBCSN.

Milbury, whose love for the Bruins & hate for every team he disliked, became more apparent over the past few seasons. Something that resulted in Milbury becoming one of the more hated color-commentators & studio analysts for NBCSN.

This was just one of the reasons why Milbury was let go.

In August, Milbury was under fire for his comments about women & the NHL bubble. NBCSN had to condemn Milbury’s comments that were thoughtless & insulting to women.

During an August broadcast, Milbury said “not even any woman here to disrupt your concentration”. This comment led to NBCSN condemn Milbury’s comments, Mike issuing an apology, & NBCSN removing Milbury from the latter of the bubble.

Heres is NBCSN statement on Milbury’s departure…

While only few will miss Milbury, it was a needed split. Milbury seemed to lose interest in the NHL as a whole & was only focusing on the teams near & dear to his liking.

Kenny Albert & Pierre McGuire To Call Flyers vs Penguins

With the Flyers being on NBCSN to open the season on Wednesday, NBCSN Philadelphia new broadcast crew will have to wait their turn for their first appearance. Instead, the Flyers will get new #1 play-by-play commentator for NBCSN Kenny Albert.

With the retirement of Mike “Doc” Emrick, Albert will now slot in next to Eddie Olczyk. A well deserved promotion for Albert, who enters his 15th season with NBCSN after starting with VERSUS in 2006.

Kenny Albert will pair with Pierre McGuire for the call of the Flyers vs Penguins on Wednesday at 5:30 on NBCSN.

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